Useful Hints for Hanging Pictures from Dallas Frame & Arts in Edmonton

Hints in Hanging Your Pictures:

Sit in the room where the art is going to be hung to put the placement into perspective. If the ceiling is lower than normal, drop the pictures a couple inches below the rule. When considering the impact of your piece, consider that the art should never be heavier than the object it is hanging over and keep the detail of the print in perspective of the size of the room it hangs and never hang a piece of art so large you can’t enjoy it.

When Placing Art Over a Sofa, Credenza or Headboard

Individual or grouping of art should be about 2/3 the width of the object it is being placed over, about 6 to 10 inches from the top of the object.

In a Hallway

Middle of artwork should be 63 inches off the floor. When deciding on placement, consider the doors as objects as well and hang your art proportionate to the open area. If the space happens to be tall and narrow, the piece or grouping should be vertical, and if the space is wide and long the grouping should be appropriate to the space.

Over a Fireplace

Place your art 4 to 6 inches over the mantle or 2/3 from the floor without a mantle.


Define the space and hang the pieces 63 inches from the step, or if hanging one piece, centre the placement and again hang the art 63 inches above the step.

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